Specialised cleaning services

With Hazard Cleaning, you resolutely choose an expert in specialised cleaning services in Ostend and the surrounding area. No detail will be overlooked, so that you will soon have beautiful premises again. Truly everything can be left to this professional.


For example, you can rely on this professional primarily to empty and clean homes that have been inhabited by people who keep everything, hermits or people who have left the property in disrepair. In doing so, you can count on thorough disinfection, insect control and ozone treatment.

Squatting and drug premises

Squatters can leave unwanted and dangerous surprises behind. Think, for example, needles from drug users. Your professionals empty the property and give it a thorough clean-up.

Chemical workplaces

For thorough cleaning of chemical workplaces, it is best to hire a specialist. This can include labs, pharmacists, veterinarians and doctors' offices.

Crime scenes

No one likes to clean up crime scenes. Fortunately, this professional provides a thorough cleaning of insects and invisible body fluids after release from official services such as the parquet and that both outside and inside.

Lonely death

Sadly, people still die in loneliness. These deaths are sometimes not noticed until a long time later. Hazard Cleaning provides thorough insect removal, clean-up and ozone treatment of the room.


Count on this professional to clean up places where pests and insects have been given free rein. Think, for example, of stables or empty premises. This service is finished off with an ozone treatment.


Nicotine deposits can be removed in no time thanks to ozone treatment with proprietary products.

Viruses and bacteria

These specialists are also happy to come by to decontaminate hospitals, (police) vehicles or offices in the fight against viruses or bacteria such as COVID-19 or Ebola.


Engage Hazard Clealing to dismantle and clean up both legal and illegal cannabis plantations.

Cook out & Chefs place

You have also come to the right place for dismantling labs where pills or cocaine were produced.

Trap houses

Don't take risks and have so-called 'trap houses' - where criminal activity has taken place in the past - taken care of by a specialist.

Cells & vehicles

Engage this professional to clean and disinfect cells and vehicles in which infected and/or injured persons have been sitting. Invisible virus particles and body fluids are removed.


After the emergency services have released the scene of a suicide, you can count on Hazard Cleaning to do a thorough clean-up. Indoors or outdoors: the location plays no role here.

Fire damage

Fire can be devastating. We do everything we can to erase fire damage and return your property to the best possible condition.

Fungal treatments

Mold is not only an aesthetic concern, but it can also pose serious health risks. That is why we start with mold treatment quickly, safely and efficiently.

Clean room

In hospitals, laboratories or the pharmaceutical industry, there are areas where extremely strict rules apply regarding... air pollution, dust particles and microbial contamination. We have a 'Clean room pass' that allows us to work in these types of spaces.

Rely on a professional

By now you have understood, truly all cleaning services in Ostend and the surrounding area are handled with the utmost discretion. Hazardous areas will therefore also be cleared immediately. Hazard Cleaning knows what's ahead. Get in touch if you have any further questions.

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